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New TMA Member Benefit: Exclusive Discount on SmartRoom- Industry Leading Virtual Data Room

As part of its commitment to offering only the most valuable member benefits, TMA provides new benefits and access to resources only when these have been carefully vetted by turnaround experts. We know your time is at a premium, which is why evaluate new technologies and offerings and to provide a carefully curated menu of benefits that can be trusted. We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with SmartRoom to bring you their virtual data room at an exclusive discount.  Not only is SmartRoom the industry leading virtual data room, it is the data room used and trusted by the TMA organization.  

A VDR That Delivers More

SmartRoom’s next gen virtual data room was purpose-built to handle the complexities and large data sizes that accompany refinancings, divestitures and restructurings. Our easy to use and ultra-secure VDR technology accompanied by our dedicated global team of project managers will ensure that your data flow moves at the velocity of your deal.

Unique Features & Safeguards

  • SmartDrive: Our bi-lateral syncing tool allows SmartRoom Managers (SRMs) to work from their desktop and make real-time edits in the data room
  • “View-As” Tool: Enable managers to view the room from a user’s perspective
  • Document-Level Security: Restrict print, save, and modify rights down to the document level
  • Upload Tools: Multiple upload options via drag & drop, zip folder, or email (email attachments from your inbox into the room)
  • Reporting & Alerts: Customize, schedule and drill down exportable (.xls) reports to monitor & analyze all data room activity
  • Notes: Enable private or public notes on any file/subfolder/folder to facilitate a “chat” between (SRMs)
  • Q&A: Robust Q&A functionality within the security of the platform

Exclusive TMA Member Discount

SmartRoom’s project management team, coupled with their web-based technology, was instrumental in managing noticing and solicitation to all parties involved in our restructuring.

– President & CRO

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