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SmartRoom For Corporate Departments

Secure and Streamline Your Organization’s Content Sharing and Collaboration.

Corporate departments can often get bogged down in digital paper, having to endlessly share, review, and mark up documents.  Compliance, legal, and finance departments are constantly under the gun to stay up-to-date with compliance regulations and policies.  As part of that ongoing pressure, these corporate departments have to report to and collaborate with consultants, service providers, CPA firms, and regulatory agencies. This creates a complex environment of multiple parties and sensitive content. SmartRoom allows your organization to effectively manage the corporate lifecycle by providing you with the ability to securely share and collaborate on content while also ensuring complete auditability.


Maintaining corporate compliance is tough.  Document management shouldn’t be.  Simplify and streamline file sharing and collaboration onto one secure VDR platform.

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Audit Management


Contract Management


Equity Administration


Litigation Matter Flow

Legal Review

Legal Review of Marketing Content

Board Reporting

Board Reporting

IPO Information

IPO Information Transfer

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Work faster and more efficiently with cutting-edge VDR features designed to secure file sharing and simplify M&A due diligence.

VDR Smartdrive


Work with SmartRoom VDR files from the comfort of your desktop 

VDR SmartLock


Keep your information secure by remotely detonate documents even after they have been downloaded by end-users. 

VDR SmartShare


Easily share confidential documents with seamless control through a secure link.

VDR SmartShare


Map and distribute content within the SmartRoom to different index locations with a single click, eliminating the manual process of moving files and folders.    

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eSignature with Docusign

Manage NDA’s and other contract signatures directly within SmartRoom. Users can electronically sign documents via DocuSign and save them to the data room.    

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Send documents securely directly to your data room from your email.

VDR advanced reporting

Reporting & Alerts

Customize, schedule, and drill down reports to monitor and analyze all activity in your data room.


VDR Office Online

Office Online

Create, edit, modify and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents within your VDR.

VDR Office Online


Manage your print queue with the ability to monitor print status, change printers, and automatically include a cover page for each document. 

VDR document level security

Zip Upload

Zip large data volumes into a single folder before uploading to your VDR for faster upload speed. 

VDR document level security

Document-Level Security

Restrict view, print, save, and modify rights down to the document level 


VDR document level security


Accelerate due diligence  by centralizing your entire Q&A workflow within SmartRoom.

VDR document level security

Mobile App

Extend the data room desktop experience to your mobile device so you can securely manage due diligence on the go from anywhere.  




We provide the most advanced dimensional of any virtual data room solution on the market. 


SmartRoom is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. This platform is located in highly secure data centers where no customers are allowed to access. The network is isolated from all other BMC Group corporate networks. Due to cloud nature of the Azure platform, all data is encrypted by SmartRoom using the latest encryption algorithms and methods.


SmartRoom is built on the concept of multi-layer security. It starts with locked down datacenters and strict user policies. It is enhanced by network segmentation, firewall security, and proactive Intrusion Detection Systems. Beyond that, our application itself is built with multiple layers of logical security to ensure the integrity of our user rights systems.


Using Next Generation  Web Application Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems are our first line of defense. We run constant vulnerability scans and periodic penetration tests done by top level security firms. In addition, our systems are built on the principals of High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Our recovery point objective 15 minutes for a full disaster scenario.


SmartRoom Virtual Data Room quote

"After researching several competitors, closely comparing features and benefits, going with SmartRoom was one of the best decisions I made last year. Great value, tech and rockstar round-the-clock customer service, both for ourselves and on behalf of our clients. Refreshingly exemplary in all ways."

Tobin Leff

Holt Vaughn


"SmartRoom has been the most pleasant experience I have had to date when working within data rooms. The user interface is so intuitive and friendly to navigate, and I especially like their pop-out windows that allow seamless multi-tasking. The ability to inherit security properties when uploading files has saved countless hours"

lincoln international

Tim Lidell


“SmartRoom Next Gen is an efficient platform which has allowed me to perform tasks more quickly and provide a cost saving on my time for my client’s. The functions are user friendly and the support provided from our designated SmartRoom manager is invaluable.”


Olivia Brown


"SmartRoom's Virtual Data Room was the perfect platform for our complex needs. The support team provided us with an excellent and prompt service. We highly recommend SmartRoom."

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"It was easy to upload files and the file structure. I like to create the file structure on my computer and upload it directly so I don't have to create it again in the data room. I also liked how easy it was to create and manage Security Settings. I had several users that needed different view/print/save/download settings and doing this in SmartRoom was fast and easy. The time savings was easily in the 15-25% range for my project due to the ease of use and reduced number of clicks to navigate and perform tasks."

Liam M.

Manager of Corporate Restructuring

Top 5 Multinational Professional Services Firm


Experience SmartRoom for yourself and see how working with a better virtual data room help you save time, money, and effort.


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