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SmartRoom For Education


SmartRoom is a content management platform for academic institutions that allows administration, faculty, and students to securely share and collaborate on research, course work, and other information. Built with all members of the educational community in mind, SmartRoom doesn’t compromise between security and usability. Every feature has been thoughtfully designed to simplify and accelerate knowledge sharing, while ensuring information remains in the institution’s control.


Secure and accelerate content sharing and collaboration across the entire institutional community.

secure file sharing and content collaboration for educational administrators


Multi-level security combines the highest level of encryption and infrastructure protection in accordance with the toughest compliance standards, ensuring research IP and institutional data is always protected.

content managemnet for facility and educators in the classroom


Empower faculty to become more effective educators with content management tools to easily manage users, monitor activity, and regulate sharing permissions.

classroom coursework and learning management platform


Set students up for success with on demand access to course work, research, and any other content they need anytime, anywhere – even while offline.

SmartRoom Next Generation Virtual Data Room Video


Features designed to faciliate better access to content and knowledge sharing, while mantaining the utmost control

VDR document level security

Granual Security Settings

Restrict view, print, save, and modify rights on any document for any user.  Custom security profiles ensure you control who has what level of access to any information.

VDR SmartLock


Remotely detonate documents and maintain reporting even after content has been downloaded and taken out of the SmartRoom environment.


VDR SmartShare


Create secure links to easily share and collaborate on content with seamless control

VDR Smartdrive


Users can access and work with SmartRoom content from their computers in their native applications, even if they don’t have internet access.
VDR document level security

Collaboration Tools

Q&A, messaging, and mark-up functionality enables students and teachers to collaborate on research and course work in real-time

VDR document level security

Mobile App

Securely access SmartRoom content on the go from anywhere

VDR advanced reporting

Reporting & Alerts

Maintain a complete audit trail of all content and user activity.  Customize and schedule reporting to track students’ progress and streamline the overall assessment process.

VDR esignature

eSignature with Docusign

Manage syllabus, course, and other contracts with DocuSign drectly within the SmartRoom environment
VDR Office Online

Office Online

Create, edit, modify and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents within your VDR.


We provide the most advanced security on the market so you can have peace-of-mind your data never falls into the wrong hands. 

Physical Security

SmartRoom is hosted on Microsoft Azure.  This platform is located in highly secure data centers with restricted access and isolated networks.  All data is encrypted by SmartRoom using the latest encryption algorithms and methods.

Logical Security

SmartRoom is enhanced by network segmentation, firewall security, and proactive intrusion detection systems.  The application itself is built with multiple layers of logical security to ensure the integrity of our user rights systems.

Proactive Security

Next Generation web application firewalls and intrusion detection systems are our first line of defense for your virtual data room.  Constant vulnerability scans and periodic penetration tests are conducted by top-level security firms.  Our systems are built on the principals of high availability and disaster recovery, with a point objective of 15 minutes for a full disaster scenario.

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