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SmartLP- Custom Investor Reporting Solution


Streamline Investor Reporting with SmartLP

SmartRoom’s SmartLP™ portal is a cloud-based platform that allows your fund to automate the customization and distribution of investor documents and then allows investors to access those documents in a secure, centralized hub.  In short, SmartLP combines the automation of report creation with a simple intuitive online experience for today’s investors. Keeping your statements organized and your investors connected has never been easier.


Automate the creation of investor-specific reports and the distribution of those reports to their secure, designated folders within the Investor Portal. SmartLP allows you to take advantage of advanced workflows through two different report creation and distribution tools:

Smart-Merge Investor Portal


Map investor information with investor documents to create custom reports for each investor. Then automate the distribution of those documents to our secure, centralized SmartRoom hub.

SmartSplit Investor Portal


Instantly split a consolidated PDF report into separate investor-specific reports. Then automate the distribution of those documents to our secure, centralized SmartRoom hub.


Provide a state-of-the art investor portal for your investors to easily and securely access their documents from anywhere.

SmartRoom Custom Investor Portal
Investor Portal Users & Security

Users & Security Profiles

Automatically invite new users and establish security profiles that control view, print, and save rights.

Investor Portal Customization

Portal Customization

Pre-configure colors, logo, email invitations, and welcome text.

Investor Portal Alerts

Alert Configuration

Automate alerts and instantly notify investors via email that their newest documents are now accessible.


SmartRoom offers a full bundle of software solutions for Private Equity Funds. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together.

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