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SmartRoom – Technology Experience Redefined

SmartRoom™ has been serving global market for over a decade and in the year 2014, we have partnered with CloudsAvenue Techsolutions LLP to serve our global clients in India as well. Since inception, we have rapidly built a significant competitive presence in the India. We operate from Mumbai which is home to the most reputable banks in India.

Growing investor confidence is driving major M&A deals and expectations of fundraising success in India. With an objective to provide world class technology experience, SmartRoom India is well positioned to work as an extension and support your team on your transactions.

Technology Experience Delivered

SmartRoom has hosted some of the world’s largest transactions in recent years. We have been selected over competitors by some of the largest financial institutions across the US and Europe due to our World class technology, dedicated team, significant experience in the space, customized user experience, and customized pricing structures.

SmartRoom’s team creates a customized experience by using a consultative approach to understand the client’s business needs. This approach ensures that appropriate solution is crafted for the client’s need as opposed to just putting them “into a box”.

Key SmartRoom Features

  • SmartRoom is the only fully secure data room, giving you the ability to remotely expire documents from a user’s desktop to ensure all data is purged once your strategic event ends.
  • Files accessed from SmartRoom maintain data encryption down to the user’s desktop which means documents can still be viewed offline while still maintaining full security and reporting.
  • SmartRoom boasts the absolute best service in the industry, acting as an extension of your team. We look at every process individually and provide a consultative and customized approach to ensure your strategic event runs as efficiently and securely as possible.
  • SmartRoom’s service team is 24/7 and every person you speak with is a SmartRoom employee. We outsource nothing
  • SmartRoom is the only vdr that grants you the power to view the data room from the perspective of the end-user, allowing you to ensure security and efficiency across the platform
  • SmartRoom treats every process with the individual attention it deserves and that means pricing too. We don’t try to jam you into pre-configured pricing but instead work to fully understand your process and then structure pricing that works for both parties
  • SmartRoom is available in 11 languages

SmartRoom India team can be reached at [email protected]


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