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Unite SmartRoom With Your Desktop.

SmartDrive is a desktop application that allows you to work with SmartRoom content from the convenience of your desktop, while providing the features of SmartRoom’s advanced security, content management, and reporting functionality. Work more efficiently when you can access content management from the cloud right from your desktop.



Seamlessly Create and Edit Files

SmartDrive allows you to work with files in native applications such as word or excel. Any documents you create or edit will automatically be saved to SmartRoom.

Manage Content From Your Desktop

Never upload another file through a web browser again. SmartDrive eliminates redundant “uploads” and the hassle of maintaining updated content in multiple locations.

Free up Your Hard Drive Storage

Large PDF and Excel files eat up hard drive space and slow your computer down. With SmartDrive your data is stored in the cloud with an active SmartRoom subscription, so you can free up storage and keep your computer running at optimal speed.

Work More Securely

SmartDrive brings the advanced security of SmartRoom to the desktop. Access to content is maintained by SmartRoom security profiles so you retain control of user’s view, print, save, and modification rights.

Accelerate Collaboration

Shared files automatically appear in SmartDrive so you can collaborate on content without ever having to email another document file back and forth.


Retain Document Versioning

Edit and collaborate on files without the fear of losing information.  File versions are automatically created on every “save.”


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