Traditional data rooms can keep your information secure inside their environment, but what happens if data needs to be downloaded or shared by a user?  These solutions are no longer able to ensure its integrity or to prevent unauthorized access.

Smartlock is an information rights management application that extends data security beyond the data room.  Administrators can control content access rights even after the document has been taken out of the SmartRoom enviornment, so users can share and collaborate with greater ease.




Smartlock administrator





Customize security rights to allow or restrict editing, printing, copy/paste or screen capture of documents.

Monitor and track all user and data activity with advanced reporting and audit capabilities.

Schedule document expiration dates in advance, or manually revoke access at any time.


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Access content in their native applications from anywhere at any time, even while offline. 

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Share and collaborate on content more efficiently.  

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Ability to edit and verify the accuracy of data and formulas.

SmartRoom Virtual Data Room quote

"SmartRoom has been the most pleasant experience I have had to date when working within data rooms. The user interface is so intuitive and friendly to navigate, and I especially like their pop-out windows that allow seamless multi-tasking. The ability to inherit security properties when uploading files has saved countless hours"

lincoln international

Tim Lidell


“SmartRoom Next Gen is an efficient platform which has allowed me to perform tasks more quickly and provide a cost saving on my time for my client’s. The functions are user friendly and the support provided from our designated SmartRoom manager is invaluable.”


Olivia Brown


"SmartRoom's Virtual Data Room was the perfect platform for our complex needs. The support team provided us with an excellent and prompt service. We highly recommend SmartRoom."

vaccitech smartroom virtual data room testimonial

"It was easy to upload files and the file structure. I like to create the file structure on my computer and upload it directly so I don't have to create it again in the data room. I also liked how easy it was to create and manage Security Settings. I had several users that needed different view/print/save/download settings and doing this in SmartRoom was fast and easy. The time savings was easily in the 15-25% range for my project due to the ease of use and reduced number of clicks to navigate and perform tasks."

Liam M.

Manager of Corporate Restructuring

Top 5 Multinational Professional Services Firm


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