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SmartRoom Application Downloads



Work with SmartRoom content from the convenience of your desktop, while providing the features of SmartRoom’s advanced security, content management, and reporting functionality. Work more efficiently when you can securely access data room content from the cloud right from your desktop.

*Minimum Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13)



Smartlock is an information rights management application that extends data security beyond the data room.  Administrators can control content access rights even after the document has been taken out of the SmartRoom enviornment, so users can share and collaborate with greater ease.



If you send multiple documents to your print facility, you will be able to monitor the print queue using SmartPrint.   A list of all documents sent to SmartPrint will be displayed under the Print Queue.  SmartPrint also allows you to pause or change the printer during a bulk print, and automatically includes a cover page for each document. 


Mobile App

Extend the data room desktop experience to your mobile device so you can securely manage due diligence on the go from anywhere.  Developed for efficiency, it provides secure access to real-time data and information management so you are always connected.

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