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Secure Content Management System for Asset Backed Securities

Big Data.

Complex Process.

Simple Solution. 

Originators, Banks, GSE’s, Buyers and Lenders require a secure platform to handle the large intricate data sets of asset backed securities.  Enter SmartRoom. More than just your typical “data room,” SmartRoom is a secure deal management platform that allows key stakeholders to easily and efficiently share and collaborate on due diligence during ABS transactions.  As a leading provider, SmartRoom has facilitated some of the largest and complex ABS transactions that encompassed millions of documents with transaction values of $300+ billion.


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Student Loans

Credit Card

Equipment Leases

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ABS-Specific Workflows

SmartRoom’s significant ABS experience has allowed us to build in workflows and processes specific to the ABS market, including investor approvals, bid process automation, and more.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our ABS project managers have 20+ years combined experience and act as an extension of your team. We work with your vendors and service providers to make sure all uploads are seamless. With 24/7/365 in-house support, we’re always available to meet your needs.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Gain insight into potential investor activity through SmartRoom’s real-time reporting and analytics around Viewing, Printing, and Saving. See which documents are most active so that you can always stay one step ahead.

Manage Large & Complex Data

File type agnostic. No limits of size of uploads. SmartRoom was designed to handle intricate ABS data sets. Built entirely from the ground up on the latest technology stack, there are no plugins required for bulk utilities. Experience real-time uploads and easily bulk save and print.

Ensure Complete Security & 17g-5 Compliance

ABS transactions involve legal reporting requirements that involve the need to securely share confidential documents with multiple stakeholders. SmartRoom ensures that information is protected by the highest levels of security with complete auditability.  Control access and modification rights across large user bases so that you can streamline third-party communication while ensuring absolute security and compliance.



SmartRoom facilitates $290 billion worth of NPL sales for major financial institution.  

Learn how SmartRoom developed and implemented a strategic process that saved thousands of administrative hours and millions of dollars in cost.

SmartRoom Next Generation Virtual Data Room Video


Work more efficiently and securely with cutting-edge VDR features designed to simplify and accelerate structured transactions.

VDR document level security

Document-Level Security

Restrict view, print, save, and modify rights down to the document level 


Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Create a seamless expierence for investors by customizing your VDR to match your branding.

VDR Smartdrive


Work with SmartRoom VDR files from the comfort of your desktop 

VDR SmartLock


Keep your information secure by remotely detonate documents even after they have been downloaded by end-users. 

VDR SmartShare


Map and distribute content within the SmartRoom to different index locations with a single click, eliminating the manual process of moving files and folders.    

VDR advanced reporting

Reporting & Alerts

Monitor and analyze all activity in your data room to gain insight into investor’s level of interest.  


VDR SmartShare


Easily share confidential documents with seamless control through a secure link.

VDR document level security

Mobile App

Extend the data room desktop experience to your mobile device so you can securely manage due diligence on the go from anywhere.  

VDR Office Online

Office Online

Create, edit, modify and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents within your VDR.

VDR esignature

eSignature with Docusign

Manage NDA’s and other contract signatures directly within SmartRoom. Users can electronically sign documents via DocuSign and save them to the data room.    

VDR document level security


Manage investor requests for information quickly from one secure location.  

VDR document level security

Zip Upload

Zip large data volumes into a single folder before uploading to your VDR for faster upload speed. 

smartmail icon


Send documents securely directly to your data room from your email.

VDR Office Online


Manage your print queue with the ability to monitor print status, change printers, and automatically include a cover page for each document. 


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