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heritage group logoHeritage Group is a Nashville-based, healthcare-focused investment firm with more than 30 years of experience financing and operating healthcare companies at all stages. The firm’s limited partners include leading hospital systems, payers and other healthcare organizations that operate over 10% of the hospitals in the U.S., insure over 45 million people and deliver pharmaceuticals and medical products to more than 100,000 locations daily.



In preparation for their third fund, Heritage sought a more robust CRM solution that would help to better track and manage relationships with the firm’s growing number of strategic investors.

Heritage also needed to make a decision about their investor portal. They were using their existing CRM provider’s portal solution, but felt it lacked the ease-of-use and mobile experience they wished to provide their LPs. Ideally, they wanted an integrated solution that would help reduce manual processes and create greater transparency with investors.



Heritage ultimately chose DealCloud as their new CRM provider, along with SmartRoom, DealCloud’s investor portal partner, which could be integrated into the CRM platform. By connecting the two technologies they could reduce administrative work by managing all user provisioning and security settings within a single source.



After migrating from their existing CRM to DealCloud, Heritage was ready to set up their new investor portal with SmartRoom. They were assigned a dedicated SmartRoom Project Manager who worked alongside the Heritage team to help:

  • Connect DealCloud: Liaison between the DealCloud team to ensure the integration between the two platforms was setup correctly, including security settings that control what fund/investor details are made available to any specific investor or contact.
  • Customize Portal Experience: Setup the portal design to match Heritage’s branding and ensure the most optimal experience for all investors.
  • Optimize Reporting Process: Understand the firms existing workflows to identify ways to drive greater efficiency with reporting tools and features.


“The level of customer service and support we’ve received from our project manager is a 10 out of 10. She has been instrumental in driving this entire process and making it all come together. She was there at every step, working through all the details to ensure we were up and running smoothly.”

Florence Chassaignac, Director of Operations, Heritage Group



Utilizing SmartRoom’s SmartLP reporting tools, Heritage was able to implement a new portal to automate and optimize:

  • Financial Statement Distribution: Using the “SmartMove” tool, Heritage can now upload all investor financial statement documents into a secure, centralized folder and then automate their distribution into each individual investor’s designated portal.
  • Capital Calls/Distribution Notices: Investor information can be mapped from fields in an excel file into a report template document to create customized PDF reports for each investor with the “SmartMerge” tool. It then automates their distribution into each individual investor’s designated portal.
  • Investor Experience: Heritage can now deliver real-time fund information and dynamic reporting LPs can access through an intuitive portal anytime, anywhere.


SmartRoom helped Heritage Group:

  • Streamline Workflows: Integrate SmartRoom and DealCloud technologies to eliminate redundancies and create a single source of truth for all investor management and provisioning.
  • Save Time: Reduce administrative tasks and create a more efficient process across multiple types of investor correspondence.
  • Improve LP Experience: Provide investors better accessibility to information they need.


“SmartRoom has helped streamline and simplify our entire process. We’ve saved a lot of time on capital calls and distributions, and expect to see even more time savings as we continue to optimize our workflows. I love how intuitive and organized the platform is. We’re happy we can deliver such a user-friendly experience to our LPs.”

– Florence Chassaignac, Director of Operations, Heritage Group


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