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Hello valued clients and prospective clients!

2022 is halfway over and deal flow continues to be gaining momentum across various industries. Here at SmartRoom, we continue to see an increased demand in deal flow coupled with requests for technology solutions that will help solve real business problems while keeping deal professionals engaged.

We spent the first half of 2022 enhancing our current product offering and introducing new solutions that are focused on streamlining workflow and increasing productivity. Many of these important improvements have led to a wide range of use cases, the signing of new client logos, and increasing usage with our current customers. Additionally, we continue to make significant progress within our restructuring and claims management services.

We’ve also introduced our new SmartExchange platform which has helped alternative investment firms across the country improve investor transparency by providing investors real-time access to reports and dashboards they need most.

Here’s a quick view of what the teams at SmartRoom are delivering for our customers and our continued technology journey.

The SmartRoom Team!

SmartExchange for Alternative Investments

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From fundraising marketing and investor reporting to portfolio exits, SmartExchange integrates every stage of a fund’s lifecycle into a single platform, creating a streamlined experience for both fund managers and investors alike.

SmartExchange for Deal Management

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SmartExchange integrates project management, file sharing (VDR), CRM, and visual analytics onto one platform. From initial strategy and due diligence to integration planning, all deal processes can be consolidated into one location – creating a single source of truth.

SmartExchange + DealCloud Integration

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The SmartExchange + DealCloud integration allows partners to automate all investor relations services in a single platform with real-time information and dynamic reporting. Accessible anytime, anywhere, keeping teams informed and aligned.

SmartRoom Feature: Redaction Tool


Not only is document redaction tedious and time-consuming, but managing information manually or across various 3rd party tools also increases the risk of exposure to sensitive information. SmartRoom’s Redaction Tool solves that problem.

SmartRoom Feature: Content Staging


Content Stages is a flexible and powerful feature that provides an additional layer of security access (called stages) to be set above the modify/view/print/save rights of the security profile.

SmartRoom Feature: File Locking & Bulk Rename

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Gain the ability to “lock” a file for editing by selecting the amount of time you want the file to be locked.

Gain the ability to rename files in bulk. This simple & convenient feature has been one of the most requested features that helps your team optimize productivity.

Thank You!

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our industry-leading platforms SmartRoom & SmartExchange, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

The SmartRoom Team

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