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Flexible and Functional Solutions


No two projects are the same, so flexibility is imperative when building your SmartRoom. From a wide array of site configuration choices, unique utilities, and customization option, you can rely on SmartRoom to compliment your process.

• Intuitive Interface SmartRoom eases the learning curve with our familiar, feature rich, intuitive interface. Our technology makes creating and maintaining content quick and painless, allowing you to focus on the business at hand.

• Customized Client Experience You can customize the look of your site to match your corporate identity or that of other participants in the transaction. For cross-border transactions, choose from a number of different languages in which site content can be displayed including Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese.

• Easy to Update As the SmartRoom Manager, you have powerful self-service tools at your disposal allowing you to add content directly to your index in real time. You have the option of managing the data room yourself, or having our project management and support teams assist you.


SmartRoom features powerful, yet simple to use options for data room managers, allowing a high level of site administration during all stages of the data room project. We also offer comprehensive site management training to members of the client constituency.

• Easy Content Management Drag and drop folders and files from your desktop, media or network location in real time to your SmartRoom. Save time and money with bulk document downloading and printing and our proprietary profile viewer enabling you to view the index just as your clients do.

• Secure, Fast, Organized Our unique three-step process – secure hosting, transmission and viewing – ensures complete data defense.

• Audit Reporting SmartRoom Managers receive a concise set of “canned” reports that track specific usage rights down to an individual user and document level. In addition to the “canned” reports, SmartRoom Managers also have access to our attribute based reporting wizard – enabling you to pull information as you would like to display.

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