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SmartRoom Security and the HeartBleed Bug

Avoid the Heartbleed vulnerability

Welcome to SmartRoom. SmartRoom prides itself on being the most secure Virtual Data Room in the industry. With the Heartbleed vulnerability creating such a large breach in security across the internet, companies and consumers are turning back to Tier 1 VDR providers to ensure their data security.

SmartRoom has combed through every piece of our network and is happy to confirm that the Heartbleed vulnerability has not and will not affect us. Since SmartRoom does not use the Open SSL certificate, you can be put at ease that this vulnerability will not affect your secured data.

So switch to SmartRoom today, it’s really very easy. All you have to do is fill out the above form and someone from SmartRoom will get in contact with you shortly. With our highly skilled team of Project Managers, we can ensure that your switch to SmartRoom will be seamless

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