Virtual Data Room for Private Equity


Break Free From Overpriced Data Rooms.

Data is cheap, so why are you paying for it?  Private Equity funds can now use SmartRoom for multiple use cases with unlimited data for one flat fee.   The days of the price-per-page are over!


Portfolio Company Exits

Portfolio Company Exits

SmartRoom has been used on 10,000+ M&A transactions over our 14 year history. Stop paying unpredictable price per page costs for your portfolio exits and use the VDR platform that Investment Bankers love…but at a better cost!

Portfolio Company Secure FIle Sharing

Secure File Sharing For EACH Portfolio Company

Don’t create extra costs with Box or DropBox accounts and don’t leave your portfolio company vulnerable by simply using email. Instead, each portfolio company can use SmartRoom for everyday secure file sharing.




Use SmartRoom for all of your fundraising needs. Use our advanced reporting features to understand who the interested investors are and what they are looking at.


Add-On Acquisitions

Add-On Acquisitions

The next time your fund has to provide the data room for a small add-on acquisition use SmartRoom  and avoid extra costs. 

Portfolio Company Collaboration

Portfolio Company Collaboration

Instead of having portfolio companies share sensitive information across email, allow them to share information with your fund via SmartRoom.


Lender Communication

Lender Communication

Use SmartRoom to share content with lenders for a potential acquisitions or current portfolio companies.



SmartRoom offers you a single platform that is best-in-breed and a pricing model that can save you significant money.

VDR Optimize Processes

Optimize Processes

Tired of using multiple platforms cobbled together for all your PE activites? You might not even realize how many unnecessary processes are weighing you down.  These one off solutions are inefficient and most likely, very expensive.  SmartRoom lets you consolidate and streamline all your activites onto a single platform.

VDR Enhance User Experience

Enhance User Experience

Built entirely from the ground up, our best-in-breed virtual data room is much more than just a VDR.  It's a content mangement and collaboration platform that doesn't compromise between security and ease-of-use.  Every feature was specifically designed to help you work more efficiently and securely.

VDR Save Money

Save Money

The cost of multiple data rooms priced per page can add up to exorbitant amounts over time.  We offer a flat-fee pricing model that saves you thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

SmartRoom Next Generation Virtual Data Room Video



Built from the ground up, every feature of our next-generation virtual data room has been thoughtfully designed to deliver greater efficiency and maximum security for a superior file sharing and collaboration experience.

VDR Office Online

Office Online

Create, edit, modify and collaborate on Microsoft Office documents.

VDR SmartLock


Remotely detonate documents even after they have been downloaded by end- users.

VDR SmartShare


Easily share documents with seamless control through a secure link.

VDR document level security

Document Level Security

Restrict view, print, save, and modify rights down to the document level.

VDR Smartsync


Work with SmartRoom files from the comfort of your desktop.

VDR advanced reporting

Advanced Reporting & Alerts

Customize, schedule, and drill down reports to monitor and analyze all activity in your data room.


SmartRoom offers a full bundle of software solutions for Private Equity Funds. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together.

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