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The Restructuring Team at a leading professional service firm needed to manage due diligence for a client’s sell-side transaction. Their investment banking partner recommended SmartRoom as a virtual data room provider for hosting due diligence. The firm’s Corporate Finance Team evaluated several other tools and ultimately preferred SmartRoom.


The project involved hosting large files that required considerable data storage that had the potential to get expensive; the firm wanted to keep costs down for their client as much as possible.

They needed a solution that could address:

Data Security: Maintaining data security was a top priority. It was important the client’s information remain secure at all times.
Document Access: The firm needed the ability to restrict view, print, save and modification rights down to the document level.
Speed & Efficiency: Speed and efficiency was crucial in order to complete the deal as fast as possible. They needed to quickly and easily upload the files to the room.


SmartRoom’s advanced features and functionality helped the firm save time and increase efficiency.

“The time savings was easily in the 15-25% range for my project due to the ease of use and reduced number of clicks to navigate and perform tasks.” – Liam M., Manager of Corporate Restructuring

SmartRoom helped the firm facilitate a successful transaction for their client.

“It was easy to upload files and the file structure. I like to create the file structure on my computer and upload it directly so I don’t have to create it again in the data room. I also liked how easy it was to create and manage Security Settings. I had several users that needed different view/print/save/download settings and doing this in SmartRoom was fast and easy. The pricing structure was fair and reasonable and the SmartRoom team was very easy to work with throughout our engagement.” -Liam M., Manager of Corporate Restructuring



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