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BMC Group Announces a SmartRoom™ Strategic Partnership with CLS Communication Asia Pacific

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — BMC Group, a leading global provider of financial, legal, and corporate information management services, announces a strategic partnership with CLS Communication Asia Pacific as a value-added service to SmartRoom™, an award-winning powerful cloud-based deal management solution for secure document exchange. SmartRoom is used by financial and legal professionals for due diligence, M&A deals, portfolio management, fundraising, post-merger integration, and secure document collaboration. CLS Communication provides translation, writing, and editing services across many industries including banking, finance, insurance, life science, and legal and is one of the largest language services providers in the world with offices in Europe, Asia, and North America.

SmartRoom supports both buy-side and sell-side deal owners with faster, more efficient and more secure collaboration capabilities. The partnership between BMC Group and CLS Communication gives SmartRoom deal owners the ability to share multi-language due diligence information online between global parties in one central secure location. SmartRoom provides secure file sharing between mandated deal parties and does not allow unauthorized forwarding, downloading or printing of shared files — a critical security measure for highly sensitive deal handling.

CLS Communication has over 600 in-house language and subject matter experts as well as 3,000 external partners who write, edit, and translate texts in any language. With its support for internationalization, SmartRoom provides an unparalleled multi-language interface platform ensuring a synergistic partnership with a reputable translation partner like CLS Communication.

“We are excited about the strategic partnership with CLS Communication in Asia,” said Jeff Kalina, executive vice president of BMC Group’s SmartRoom division. “This partnership will allow our clients to securely, quickly, and easily open new data rooms all around the globe and share translated documentation. Additionally, SmartRoom technology and services make it easy for clients to be up and running in real-time — enabling them to keep up with the demanding pace of business in their respective industries.”

“Combining SmartRoom with CLS Communication’s leading Asian language capabilities creates a very strong platform – one that helps clients to process multilingual documentation much faster and more accurately,” said Florian Faes, CEO of CLS Communication Asia Pacific. “This should dramatically expand our clients’ ability to reach multiple parties in various markets.”

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