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Los Angeles, CA – March 6, 2015 – BMC Group, a leading global provider of financial, legal and corporate information management services, announces a strategic partnership with EDICO Financial Press Services Limited as a mutually value-adding service with SmartRoom™, an award-winning, powerful cloud-based deal management solution for secure document exchange.  SmartRoom is used by financial and legal professionals for due diligence, M&A deals, portfolio management, fundraising, post-merger integration, and secure document collaboration.   EDICO provides financial press services across many industries including investment banking, finance, law firms, corporates and government.

SmartRoom supports both buy-side and sell-side deal owners with faster, more efficient and more secure collaboration capabilities.  The partnership between BMC Group and EDICO gives SmartRoom deal owners and client advisories access to press room and financial printing capabilities, and further enhances SmartRoom’s subject matter expertise in supporting Pre-IPO and IPO transactions. SmartRoom provides secure file sharing between mandated deal parties and does not allow unauthorized forwarding, downloading or printing of shared files – a critical security measure for highly sensitive deal handling.

EDICO is among the early adopters of advanced technologies in the press room and financial printing capabilities turning your concepts into tangible printing products of top quality in a time-sensitive manner.  SmartRoom’s cloud-based deal management solution includes a dedicated project management team, real-time global deployment, and dimensional security-based access.

“We are excited about the strategic partnership with EDICO,” said Jeff Kalina, executive vice president of BMC Group’s SmartRoom division.  “This partnership will allow our clients to securely, quickly, and easily open new data rooms all around the Asia Pacific region.   Additionally, SmartRoom technology and services makes it easy for clients to be up and running in real-time – enabling them to keep up with the demanding pace of Pre-IPO, IPO and other corporate transactions.”

About BMC Group, Inc.

BMC Group, Inc. is a leading global provider of information management solutions. BMC Group clients are leading investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, government agencies, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, and Fortune 1000 corporations. With more than 200 professionals throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, BMC Group is committed to service excellence

About SmartRoom

SmartRoom is a powerful cloud-based deal management solution for due diligence, M&A deals, portfolio management, fundraising, post-merger integration, secure document collaboration, restructuring, legal settlements, and medical records analysis. SmartRoom is available in nine languages, and is accessed in over 50 countries. There are over 20,000 organizations and 250,000 users who have utilized a SmartRoom. Over $300 billion in transactions have been managed using a SmartRoom. www.smartroom.com

About EDICO Financial Press Services Limited

EDICO is a professional services company whose specialty is in the production of financial transaction documents such as IPOs, financial reports, offering circulars and other legal documents with the highest standards. EDICO is comprised of teams in different fields who are all professional, experienced and experts when it comes to typesetting, financial printing servicing for investment banks, law firms and listed corporations and governments.


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