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Dealmakers all over the globe are in the process of trying to determine the markets impact to their current and future deals.  As you are seeing from various sources, certain sectors are impacted more than others.  If history is an indicator, we know the markets will rebound stronger than ever before!

Our products and services are helping organizations with various use cases like the ones below.   Not only can we help your dealmakers remain productive, we can also help your broader enterprise securely access, share, and manage content from any device.  As work continues, our online platform can empower people to do their jobs, reduce delays in the deal process, or assist with general information sharing.

Companies Turning to SmartRoom

  • SmartRoom is enabling one of the world’s largest Universities to share education material with students so continued education can occur and professors can track which students are reviewing course materials.
  • A large financial institution is conducting ongoing stress testing to ensure their balance sheets are in order.  SmartRoom enables them to seamlessly share information with regulators.
  • A leading energy firm is turning to us to assist with information sharing during a restructuring process & possible claims management
  • SmartRoom is assisting a large manufacturing facility with ad-hoc content sharing as their FTP portal has failed them
  •  A leading asset manager is sharing diligence materials for for a cross-border transaction because deal teams can’t currently be in one location
  • Private Equity firms continue to rely on SmartRoom to share investor specific content and overall market summaries

Let us help you.  These are uncertain times, but we are committed to helping companies move work forward.  As organizations confront unprecedented challenges, they will need to find new ways to work.  We’re here to help you find ways to adapt, and support you with the tools you need to come out ahead.

-Pat Schnepf 
SmartRoom – Vice President of Sales


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