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M&A Broker vs. M&A Advisor. Which Should You Choose?

The mergers and acquisitions market is poised to reach near-record levels in 2018. As discussed previously, Washington’s pro-business stance and tax reform have been driving forces in this growth. Now with mega-mergers, where the value is $5 billion or more, it’s...

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Megadeal or Mega-Bust?

Just last month, Sprint and T-Mobile shook up the cell phone industry as the two decided to merge in what’s an estimated $26 billion deal. This combination was years in the making and immediately makes the entity a major player in the sector, rivaling AT&T and...

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The 2018 Corporate Development Landscape

If 2017 is any indication, the corporate development landscape for the near-term can be summed up with the phrase “The more deals the merrier.” And firms that are seeing this trend run the gamut from new start-ups to established corporations. According to PitchBook, a...

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